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The Electric Organ That Gave James Brown His Unstoppable Energy

James Brown always knew his measure. He thought very highly of his favorite person, James Brown, and was convinced that guy could do just about anything he set his mind to. I do it for the feeling of humanity. Everything about him was big, everything came in multiples: Brown boasted of the Lear jets and furs and radio stations he owned, how in a year he would perform more than hours onstage, play more than songs on at least eight instruments.

Generally, the organ date can be bracketed into 4 years, (, , , 69​) as each of these year groups has a definite sound caused by Hammond.

It is not unusual to have situations where a new Hammond Organ owner may not readily be able to identify the instrument he or she has. This page has been designed to help individuals find the model and serial number plate on the Hammond Organ instrument. Also one might make a determination by comparing to a picture of a unit or one might eliminate a model possibility just by looking at a picture.

There are gaps in the representations shown below. We will try to fill the gaps as time goes on. We would be thankful and honored to include in our identification section a picture from you of any of the models that are missing. They are identified and are without picture above the model. Just e-mail the picture,as an attachment, to us.

Thanks in advance for your help and assistance. As this section expands there will probably be some more instruments that we will not be able to come up with a suitable photograph for. Keep checking us out; we would appreciate your help.

List of Hammond organs

A – best in its class “The best B-3’s are A’s” – now what does this statement mean? It points to the fact that a Hammond A organ is in fact the exact same organ as the legendary B-3, and then some. The cabinets of the A models were all, with one exception, tailored for home use: No locking top, built-in speakers and reverb, and a wider selection of wood finishes and stylings. Also, the slimmer profile of the A cabinet especially the ‘plain Jane’ A model is prefered over the B-style cabinet for taking on the road.

A quick history review The first A organs were produced in They had the necklace type reverb as found in contemporary Hammond Tone Cabinets.

I have wanted a Hammond organ for a long time, but just could not afford one. After saving and This is a pocket B3, or at least the closest emulation to date.

The Hammond Organ story began in a loft over an Evanston grocery store, for it was there, even before an electric organ was contemplated, that the organization was born that was to become the founder and leading member of an industry. Today the Hammond name is known and respected around the world. During the past 50 years, Hammond Organs have been sold throughout the world to the tune of well over a billion dollars.

The stories they could tell would fill volumes. As we review the past 50 years and the great strides which have been made by the company since the first Hammond Organ was invented in , President Donald R. Sauvey and his entire staff look forward to even greater achievements for the organization which launched the organ industry. Over the years, the company has broadened its base through acquisitions to strengthen its position as an independent company and as a leader in the music industry.

Hammond B-3

Hanert [1] and first manufactured in Around 2 million Hammond organs have been manufactured, and it has been described as one of the most successful organs ever. Tonewheel organs generate sound by shaped mechanical wheels, that rotate in front of electromagnetic pickups. Each tonewheel assembly creates tones with low harmonic content, close to a sine wave.

Inside the coil is a permanent magnet. As the profile of the tonewheel pass by, the strength of the magnetism changes—when the highest part is closest to the tip of the magnet, the magnetism is strongest.

Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London. (Dated: July 28, ​). The Hammond organ is one of earliest electronic instruments and is still used.

Don Airey. Don Airey is widely known as the current keyboardist for Deep Purple, a gig he has had since His career spanned the development of electronic instrumentation, which grew as his own career did over the years. In his early work with Gary Moore, Don played the Wurlitzer electric piano, which Rosemary Bailey. Rosemary Bailey was ten years old when she was hired by Hammond as a concert artist.

Over the years, she took part in the growth of the organ market in the s and had first-hand experiences bringing music to millions. Her interview was filled with remarkable stories of being in the industry when Kyle Barker. Five years later he established Barker Music in Modesto, where he would later expand the line to include guitars and percussion.

Dating hammond organs

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and unfortunately, due to the lack of available factory records on production dates, one of the most difficult to answer. There is some help available however:. Bevis Peters , and is currently maintained by Rick Prevallet. It is basically a list of dates and serial numbers for various Hammond and Leslie models.

It also provides guidelines to determine, generally, the age of a Hammond, based on certain features and characteristics that changed throughout the model history. The age determinination list contains good descriptions of the various formats these code take.

Introduction Date: Hammond organ. v; t; e. The Hammond organ is a keyboard instrument that looks like a piano. The most common Hammond organs​.

Continue this process for the Hammond Cabinet and other components. First check the code of each component, write it down, then refer back to the Tonewheel website. Check the external features for more information as to the age of your organ. Scroll down the page of the Tonewheel website and compare the information located in the table with the external features on your organ.

For example, if your organ has a pilot light the table indicates it was created after Look for a serial number on the organ and compare it with the Tonewheel website listing in the serial numbers section. Another option is to use the Vintage Hammond website for an evaluation of your Hammond organ. Some components may have been changed on your organ over time so compare more than one set of codes to accurately attain the age.

Logic Pro X: Vintage B3 overview

This rather bizarre combination of old and new technologies was required because no other way could be found of replicating the unique multi-contact switching action and contact-click characteristics of the original. These factors have a profound effect on playing technique and are essential to reproducing the character of this fantastic keyboard instrument. The New B3 has been a vst, and was widely acclaimed on its release by B3 aficionados including the late Texas Smith.

Hire the best restored HAMMOND B-3 organ from with bass pedal and come with an up-to-date inspection sticker and the relevant inspection reports.

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This extremely useful and easy to read book contains the drawbar settings used by jazz, rock and pop artists over the last 70 years. The Hammond Organ was the original instrument that incorporated the use of Drawbars to achieve significantly different tones used in all types of music. So what are you waiting for, this valuable guide is what you need for easy and fast reference to Drawbar settings!

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Please cite this collection as: Hammond Organ Company records (Chicago History Museum) plus a detailed description, date, and box/folder number of a.

The SK1 is the first ‘Ultra-Portable’ organ in history with it’s weight being only 15 pounds 6. The Hammond SK is a 73 note digital keyboard based on the legendary Hammond organs. This instrument is based on the classic B-3 organ and features a proprietary sound engine tha JavaScript deactivated This website requires JavaScript which, in your Browser, appears to be deactivated.

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Hammond organ facts for kids

Keith Emerson’s Hammond C3 organ, used extensively on stage and in studio from the s onward. Additional controls for reverb, percussion and chorus have been added. The back panel has been modified for quick release, revealing relocated, modified, and additional amplification and effects systems. The organ rests upon a monumental chrome stand. Rock ‘N’ Roll.

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The fact that these Model A’s bore. Hammond serial plates enables dating to be carried out using known data (4). Information from the admittedly few (four). UK.

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