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A lot can change in a decade. Join Wonderwall. Cameron also spent much of with her on-off beau, Yankees player Alex Rodriguez. Keep reading to find out what Cameron and more big stars of are doing today…. One day Cameron Diaz was in all the movies then suddenly, she wasn’t. A year after she stopped making movies, Cameron became a wife, marrying musician boyfriend Benji Madden in a small ceremony in early Since then, Cameron’s published another book, “The Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time,” and seems to be enjoying her life outside of the spotlight, spending time with friends and her husband. While we hoped she might come back to Hollywood, it seems that Cameron’s content being a retired movie star. In , Taylor Lautner was on top of the world.

Biggest stars of 2010: Where are they now?

Lee Pace is rumoured to have hooked up with Richard Armitage Lee Pace is a 41 year old American Actor. His zodiac sign is Aries. Lee Pace is a member of the following lists: American film actors , American television actors and Juilliard School alumni.

Welcome to leepace-daily! He doesn’t date other actors; He once backpacked through India (he loves to backpack Close friends with Evangeline Lilly.

Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Truth be told, director Kathryn Bigelow has been killing it for years. Before she made the Oscar-owning The Hurt Locker and subsequently shot to the filmmaking A-list, Bigelow was quietly churning out ballsy, vibrant genre cinema, dating back to the brilliant vampire flick Near Dark and all the way through to the action favorite Point Break and ‘s dystopian Strange Days.

So it’s with great pleasure to report that, following The Hurt Locker , any new Kathryn Bigelow film will be met with feverish anticipation and enthusiasm within the mainstream circuit. Zero Dark Thirty , however, comes with an extra bit of intrigue: It’s about the Special Ops mission to hunt down and kill Osama bin Laden, and for several months political conspiracy theorists were charging President Obama’s administration with claims that they leaked classified informations and documents to Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal.

That’s all been debunked, but that doesn’t make Zero Dark Thirty any less fascinating. And with an impressive assortment of terrific character actors bonus points for including Friday Night Lights star Kyle Chandler and Parks and Recreation funnyman Chris Pratt , Bigelow’s surefire Academy Award contender is a no-brainer when it comes to must-see films. All Rights Reserved. Sign up for the Complex Newsletter for breaking news, events, and unique stories.

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Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man debuted in Tales to Astonish no. Pym later develops a helmet that enables him to communicate with and control ants and to amplify his voice when he is shrunken so that humans can hear him. He is later accompanied by Janet van Dyne, the spoiled daughter of a gifted scientist, who partners with Pym to avenge the death of her father. Pym subjects her to a process that grants her the ability to shrink and grow insectoid wings. Calling herself the Wasp, she and Ant-Man defeat the alien who killed her father and banish it to another dimension; this adventure lays the groundwork for the professional—and, sometimes, romantic—relationship that the two subsequently share.

Imagine: Lee Pace realizing he’s in love with you when he catches you on set mimicking his long sweeping robes and the way his character lounges across his​.

And, if so, can they hold on to it? There’s some minor but noticeable crush here and there, as well as a few anomalies born from Jackson’s at-times aggressive digital color grading, but none of it proves all that distracting. Even the darkest scenes look great, without much to nitpick or criticize. Colors are largely bleak and wintry, with searing skies and ominous shadows framing a rather stark image, gray, blue and purple tones dominating the palette throughout the film’s titular battle, and high contrast whitewashing a number of overcast scenes.

Several sequences offer richer, warmer hues — Smaug’s attack in particular — but these are the exception rather than the rule. Still, it’s perfectly in step with Jackson and cinematographer Andrew Lesnie’s intentions and quite stunning on the whole, not to mention free from significant artifacting, banding, aliasing and other issues.

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There’s nothing more iconic than receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It solidifies their place as a Hollywood legend and pretty much guarantees they will live on forever. But the process of receiving a star isn’t just based on a star’s merit or achievements — although that’s important, too. They have to be nominated and pay for the star themselves!

Lee Pace and Anna Friel photoshoot for Emmy Mag. They were never dating. Anna Friel usually reminds me of Evangeline Lilly, but here she reminds me of​.

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Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly was previously married to Murray Hone – Evangeline Lilly has been in relationships with Dominic Monaghan – Evangeline Lilly is a 41 year old Canadian Actress. Her zodiac sign is Leo.

Taking time out to look put together and your date being an asshole about it: SherLocked, Khanberbatched, and Hiddlestoned Pushing Daisies, Lee Pace, Pace as Thranduil in The Hobbit Richard Armitage, Ian Mckellen, Evangeline Lilly.

Will Smith and Will’s wife and he sat next to her at her birthday celebration. She has been around for the last several months with the dogs hers and his and he definitely knows her for years. Astin, thanks to a series of complicated scandals during his earlier life, essentially has four dads! Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Recent Posts.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, first look review: ‘begs not to exist’

Lee Pace with his blonde boyfriend Matt Foley. Instagram: mjfiii leeepfrog. Matt Foley. Lee Pace.

Luke Evans, Evangeline Lilly, Orlando Bloom, Aidan Turner, Manu Bennett, Lee Pace, Stephen Fry, Sylvester McCoy, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Are you mad? You are incredibly judgmental. Has Evangeline ever confirmed she cheated? Do we know the circumstances surrounding it? Anna Friel has a very solid and wholesome reputation. So did she cheat on her partner too? And then upload it to her personal Instagram? What about Sarah Michelle Gellar? Happily married for ten years.

Matt Foley

Many felt it was the wrong response, especially considering his latest role as a closeted Mormon in the Broadway revival of Angels In America. He seemed to underline the issues with his own response as in the interview he also mentioned the importance of gay actors playing the gay roles in the two-part Pulitzer-Prize winning play, but then slightly stepped back from including himself in that.

My privacy is important to me, so I protect it. When interviewed by the media, I keep the focus on my work… As a member of the queer community, I understand the importance of living openly, being counted, and happily owning who I am.

I realized Tauriel and Kili are a really cute couple. Tolkien BooksJrr TolkienLotr​Brown Hair FemaleLegolas And TaurielElfaEvangeline LillyBest CoupleThe Elf.

For fans of Pushing Daisies , the question isn’t whether or not Anna Friel is adorable; it’s more an issue of how adorable this British actress is in the role of Chuck. Take a look below, though, and see how closely Friel resembles another star from an ABC series, Lost. Chuck: Do you believe in reincarnation? Emerson: Hell no. The planet’s falling apart. Right now, it’s the children’s problem.

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By Dailymail. The actor recently opened up about the possibility of a reunion for the show about a man who has the power to bring people back to life. He also discussed being a member of the queer community, having publicly come out last year. Coming out: Lee Pace recently discussed being a member of the queer community, having publicly come out last year. I was in the drama department in high school. I went to Julliard.

Evangeline Lilly was born on at Fort Saskatchewan, Canada. Her net worth is $15 Million. She is Canada born Actor.

Stranded in rural Australia in the aftermath of a violent pandemic, an infected father desperately seeks a new home for his infant child, and a means to protect her from his own changing nature. Cargo , starring Martin Freeman will undoubtedly rip your heart out if you are a parent. It contains an intriguing bit of cannon with respect to this particular zombie outbreak.

This film has a wonderful pace. It is dark with a constant feeling of dread looming. Freeman plays a believably loving and caring father of his infant daughter. The action and terror are unrelenting. In the genre what more can you really ask for? The film will be coming to Netflix next Friday, May 18th! The Night Eats The World is all about isolation. Realizing the outside is even less safe, he begins to use his wits by gathering what he can find, little by little, staying organized but perhaps not sane.

His performance is so engrossing that I almost missed his complete physical transformation along the way. Unfortunately, he has only 48 hours to live.

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Peter Jackson, Evangeline Lilly, Elijah Wood, Andy Serkis, Benedict Cumberbatch, Phillipa Boyens, Luke Evans, & Lee Pace. AND QUEEN CATE 1​PM Evangeline on Legolas dating “below his status”. image. PM.

It was smart, visually sensational and suspenseful, if lacking in a solid resolution. This time, the gang of dwarves and the hobbit venture further on another their quest through a illusive forest, raging rapids and the corrupted Lake-town. After all that waiting, we get this, a nearly three-hour higgledy-piggledy thing that is action-packed and exciting but also, at times, lacks focus, a real plot and falls slightly short of any pizzazz a harsh, but honestly true interpretation of my thoughts for parts of the film.

Enough with the negatives. I loved most of it: the acting and comedy, the visual effects, and the beautifully choreographed action. Martin Freeman is everything Hobbit fans could hope for as courageous and slightly adorable Bilbo Baggins, the little hobbit who decides to go on an adventure.

Lee Pace and Richard Armitage Apple Q&A